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24.10.2021 – 10:01

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Berlin / Sofia (ots)

Little known Mountain landscapes in central Bulgaria with a rich tradition and great ski resorts near modern thermal hotels, which also score points with organic agriculture and offer guests healthy and finest ingredients. A lot of exercise in nature combined with relaxing thermal springs, delicious regional food and of course excellent wines can sound tempting and put Bansko, Ragloz, Banya on the wish list when planning your next trip.

Recently, the Minister of Tourism, Prof. Baltova, gave a press conference in Banya, where she emphasized: “Bulgaria is known for the Black Sea coast among travelers, but fortunately they have been impressive investments in skiing and hiking areas such as Bansko realized. The impression is surprisingly modern and mostly classified in the four and five star category. The ski pass prices are cheaper, although the big World Cup race takes place here every year in February and the well-known athletes and glamor are on their way. We are glad that we can offer quality and tradition to our guests in Bulgaria not only in summer, but also in autumn and winter. This area is unique because the relaxing hot mineral springs gush at this altitude and nature offers an attraction in every season. ”

Only 150 kilometers from Sofia is the Pirin National Park, which is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a popular hiking paradise with numerous lakes and ancient pine forests. At the same time, the historic town of Bansko is a center for winter sports in Bulgaria and on the international ski map. The cityscape is like in posh ski resorts. The “Bansko Ski Area” is one of the most famous and most modern winter sports centers in Eastern Europe. In the middle, the newly opened five star hotel shines with an extravagant design made of wood. But the city offers more than the usual ski paradises, as a rich cultural heritage is represented here. In Bansko you can also stroll in pedestrian streets and discover history. You don’t have to miss out on the après-ski program.

The ski area combines 16 ski lifts and varied slopes with a total length of 48 km and leads up to an altitude of 2,560m. The ski area is divided into three ski stations, which are connected by the slopes. Thanks to the high snowfall rate and the numerous snow cannons, the Bansko ski area is known for its guaranteed snow. There is plenty of variety with natural jumps and, below the Todorka summit, with freeriding through the woods. For professional skiers, the black piste called Alberto Tomba is just the thing.

A special highlight is one of the longest runs in the world: from the highest point of the ski area, a total of 16 km and 1,570 meters of altitude are uninterrupted down to the valley.

Not far from Bansko is the town of Ragloz, rich in hot thermal springs and here you will find two historic bathhouses and many SPA hotelsthat clearly offer ideal relaxation after an intense day of skiing. If you are looking for a surprise / funny thing for a photo shoot, you will find something unusual here. The residents go to public thermal springs (about 60-70 Celsius hot) and wash their laundry there with mineral water. The richness of nature can be discovered here in everyday life. The guests in Razlog also visit the numerous handicraft shops, weaving mills, knitting factories, artists – people who carry the spirit of the city’s traditions and sometimes live in residences of the Revival architectural style.

The Bulgarian health resorts like here in the Pirin National Park – at an altitude of 1000 m have the advantage that they are located in very favorable climatic regions, which offers an exceptional opportunity for spa, relaxation and refreshment treatments in a special climatic place with sports and to combine culinary delights.

The SPA hotels in Banya and Bansko have their own thermal springs, which supply the indoor and outdoor pools with mineral water and the luxurious thermal zone, but are also used in the hotel’s own eco-farms for growing vegetables.

The hot gold from the earth’s interior contains various minerals such as sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium and more. Our body needs exactly these minerals to function properly. Mineral water is known for its ability to boost the human immune system and cleanse the body of toxins. It has another important ability to calm nerves and relieve stress. Exercise in the Pirin National Park and the treatments in the SPA hotels, the use of the salt room and the sauna area is the best way to promote and maintain our health. Health can be selected in SPA hotel through the in-house organic farm and the fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables grown there increase. The eggs come from the chicken caravan that is constantly moving to the green area. All sorts of vegetables and fruits can be found in the greenhouses and on the 10 hectare area. Fresh ingredients are always served on the hotel buffet. The low-cholesterol “meat producers” are Mangaliza pigs and the honey also comes from the hotel’s own beekeeping. Production technology for meat specialties such as Gorska Lukanka and dried Pirin Souzhuk are also represented in spa hotels in the region, where only natural herbs and spices from the Pirin are used.

For Golfer und Fine Dining Guests are recommended to take a short detour to Local Stay, where, in addition to exclusive accommodation, a gastro master in the fine Asia-style restaurant perfectly complements the international and design flair.

This area is a great one Starting point for mountain tours in the Rila and Pirin Mountains. From here you can conquer several peaks over 2000m, such as Vihren (2914m), visit more than 180 glacial lakes and historical monuments, such as the Kalyata fortress. This route, which was built in the past as a trade route at the foot of the mountains, is very popular with cyclists. Another beautiful path leads to the monastery of St. Pantalymon in a traditional village Dobrinishte and from there the road leads to Gotze Delchev, which is known for excellent red wines. A beautiful route, the former forest road leads to the Demyanitsa hut and is characterized by its positive and even healing effect on hikers. You walk along the river and between the pine trees of an old forest. The time of year is not important – take the chance and recharge your batteries in Bulgaria to continue business effectively and promote health with relaxation in nature.

Prof. Stella Baltova, Minister of Tourism, is convinced: “Our guests from Germany will spend a wonderful and unforgettable winter holiday in Bulgaria, regardless of whether they are skiing, pampering themselves with wellness treatments, booking cultural trips or visiting these attractions in combination. German citizens with health insurance can take preventive care in Bulgaria also take advantage of our certified spas. Welcome to Bulgaria! ”

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