Saturday, November 27

United States: Biden Government Readies Plan to Relocate Afghans Evacuated

Joe Biden’s government is putting together a plan whereby private groups will be able to sponsor Afghan evacuees and help them resettle in communities across the country.

The administration is preparing a project with which veterans, with ties to Afghans, and others will be able to take them to their cities and serve as a support network as they begin their lives in the United States, CNN said.

Under the new program, groups of at least five people could apply to become “sponsoring circles” that would be responsible for helping evacuated Afghans obtain housing, basic needs, financial support, legal advice and medical services, for at least 90 days. , according to a presentation that describes the plan.

The project, CBS News mentions, would be “an alternative to the traditional refugee resettlement process overseen by nine national agencies and their local affiliates.”

The plan will be a joint initiative between the State Department and the Community Sponsorship Center, an NGO that will monitor online applications from potential sponsors, indicates CBS.

“The State Department, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services, is developing a privately sponsored pilot program that it plans to launch in early 2022,” the administration said in its annual report on refugees to Congress last month.

About 55,000 Afghan evacuees remain at eight US national military sites.

According to CNN, members of the “circle of sponsors” will go through “background checks, commit to raising funds to financially support evacuees for up to 90 days, complete training and develop a plan for the family.”



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