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“The most important topic will be how we can remain a successful industrial location, but just clean, climate-neutral,” said Wüst the WDR in an interview in the current hour. “Then the subject of school, education is always a very big, important national political issue. We have achieved a lot together with the FDP, but there is still a great deal to be done, so it doesn’t help to just talk about it. And then, for example, that On the subject of traffic and mobility, we have achieved a lot there, too, but we haven’t done everything by a long way. ”
Hendrik Wüst, the new CDU country chief, in the current hour on his three most important topics.

To be able to shape the future is a huge privilege“, so Wüst. He received 645 of 656 votes (98.3 percent). The approval was slightly higher than in the two last elections of Laschet as state chairman, when he had achieved 96.3 and 93.4 percent. Wüst spoke of a “gigantic result“.

Construction Minister Ina Scharrenbach (89 percent), Interior Minister Herbert Reul (91 percent), Sabine Verheyen (70 percent), Daniel Sieveke (78 percent) and Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker (73 percent) were elected as deputy state chairperson. Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann was no longer running for election.

Wüst urges to be respectful to one another

Wüst had previously given his application speech. “My concern is to look ahead, but we have to look in the rearview mirror one more time“, said Wüst. The lost federal election must”serious“to be worked up, especially the lost votes”from the center to the SPD and the Greens“. “We have to win them back“, so Wüst.

Politics lives not only from the right decisions, but also from the right cooperation“said Wüst.”We lost the election, but we mustn’t lose our decency too. It must apply again: attitude instead of division.

the CDU be that “social conscience of the republic“and must stay that way. He has”Desire to rule“. Climate protection is”the core issue of our time“. “If we lose prosperity when it comes to climate protection, nobody in the whole world will imitate us“, so Wüst.

Campaign for the state election: “You count”

From the corona pandemic you have to “openly drawing the right lessons“. With the election manifesto for the state elections in 2022 he wanted”take off“and start next week:”We have to listen more than usual. The campaign motto will be ‘You count’ and we will listen.”

Wüst thanked his predecessor Armin Laschet and gave him a model electric car with the label “NRW is moving forward“.

Laschet looks back and deals out against Spahn

Laschet had previously looked back on his 3,402 days as state chairman in his speech. He took over the chairmanship in 2012 after two severe defeats in state elections. “At that time we asked ourselves: How do we get back on our feet?“, so Laschet. It was then important to him,”to look forward together“and never as”One-Man-Show“to act.

It is important for them CDU now first of all a “Self-assurance“and reflecting on your own strengths. Against Jens Spahn, who is new CDU-The federal chairman had brought into play, Laschet clearly distributed without naming him. “Announcements like ‘This is the CDU’s greatest crisis since 1945’ do not inspire anyone to re-elect the CDU. This is nonsense“, said Laschet. A few days ago Spahn had the CDU the “greatest crisis in its history“attested.

Self-confident review of your own balance sheet

Laschet looked back confidently on his own achievements in North Rhine-Westphalia. Economically, they caught up with other federal states, and the state association stood together in difficult debates such as the refugee crisis. He and his team would have tackled difficult issues such as clan crime or sexual abuse against children.

Laschet hopes for the “desert effect”

His successor Hendrik Wüst had “simply tackled“. Construction companies would have been happy about many orders during the time of the Minister of Transport:”That was the desert effect and I wish the country a lot of desert effect in the near future.

A lack of unity cost the choice

Laschet praised the atmosphere in North Rhine-Westphalia and thus drew the link to federal politics. the CDU is very divided, according to surveys. The performance of the SPD on the other hand, it is to have shown solidarity with a new management team in recent years.

Laschet repeated: “I’ve made mistakes and take responsibility.“However, Laschet made it clear that the lack of unity in the Union was decisive for him in the defeat in the federal election.”Keep this unity in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have to stand together.”

Brinkhaus and Löttgen praise Laschet

The chairman of the CDU-Bundestag faction, Ralph Brinkhaus, thanked Laschet in his greeting for the “great teamwork“. Laschet always has politics as”Team sport” Understood. “I am now 53 years old and in all my life there has been no better state government than in the past four years“said Brinkhaus, the chairman of the host CDU-Bezirksverband Ostwestfalen-Lippe is.

The parliamentary group leader Bodo Löttgen criticized that trivial matters had played too big a role in the election campaign. Addressing his own party, he said that in the CDUplayed four different pieces“would have been and one was not a unified orchestra:”We mixed up the score“. Armin Laschet is a”excellent prime minister” been.

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