After the presidential murder in Haiti: Another suspect arrested in Jamaica

Status: 23.10.2021 10:38 a.m.

In early July, Haiti’s President Moïse was shot dead in his home. According to the judiciary, around 20 foreign mercenaries are said to have been involved in the murder. One of them has now been arrested in Jamaica.

Another suspect has been arrested in Jamaica in the case of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, who was murdered a few months ago. The man is a former Colombian military officer, said the Colombian authorities.

The judiciary in Haiti accuses him of being one of around 20 foreign soldiers allegedly involved in the murder of Moïse in his home in Port-au-Prince. They are said to have posed as agents of the US anti-drug agency DEA.

Interpol was looking for the suspect

According to the Colombian police chief Jorge Vargas, the suspect had been searched for with an international manhunt by the Interpol police department. The extradition proceedings to Haiti are now taking place.

President Moïse was shot dead by a homicide squad on July 7th at his home in Port-au-Prince. His wife survived seriously injured. The murder of the president plunged the Caribbean state, which was already marked by crime, corruption, political instability and great poverty, into an even deeper crisis.

In the course of the investigation, 18 Colombian citizens and two US citizens with Haitian roots had already been arrested. Three other suspected attackers were killed by the armed forces in Haiti.

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