▷ Reconstruction and renewal / commentary by Jens Anker on the condition of Berlin’s shopping streets

23.10.2021 – 20:14


Berlin (ots)

The shopping streets in Berlin are filling up again. The stores have almost as many customers as they did before the crisis. But sales are still well below that. The lack of international tourists is noticeable here, who are usually more willing to pay than local customers. No wonder, money is looser on vacation than when shopping around everyday life at home.

Despite the positive development, it will still be some time before things are buzzing again as they were before the pandemic. The Christmas business is just around the corner, but overall there is still a lot of reluctance to be felt. Life on the streets is not as relaxed as it used to be. And when it comes to spending money, people are even more worried than they were two years ago. Who knows what else is coming and threatening?

Now would be a good opportunity to quickly move forward with the various considerations for the renovation of the shopping streets. Whether in City West, for Friedrichstrasse or Alexanderplatz – even without a pandemic, renovations were pending here in order to bring more people back to the inner cities. The competition of online shopping is changing the demands placed on the shopping streets in the city; they have to offer more than a huge range of goods. This is also available in online trading.

There have been considerations for a long time to improve the quality of stay, for example by adding more green between the shops and recreational areas away from the hustle and bustle of shopping and the noise of cars. The renewal of the shopping streets would be a good project for the new Senate to actively tackle the announced cooperation with the city’s business community. There are enough outstretched hands on all sides at the moment.

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