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Munich (ots)

1. FC Magdeburg remains on the rise! 1-0 against Viktoria Berlin, the lead over the second Saarbrücken is 7 points. Magdeburgs Titz criticized the poor evaluation of the chances and said, referring to the table lead: “We know that this is currently the result of many games in which we have invested a lot. It is not always advisable to look at the table . ” The Saarlanders came in a heated game to a 1: 1 against TSV 1860 Munich. Saarbrücken’s compensation resulted from a penalty. Then the coaches dueled. Sixty trainer Michael Köllner said: “Saarbrücken made it 1-1 with a gift from the referee.” Saarbrücken coach Uwe Koschinat said: “To speak of a referee’s decision that would clearly have favored the game for us, that’s nonsense.” Mannheim missed the jump to a promotion place in the 1-1 draw against Zwickau. The criticism of the sports director Jochen Kientz, who is said to have organized a team celebration, at which the Mannheim players are said to have increased corona infections caused a lot of furore. Not true, says Kientz at MagentaSport, who wants to put the focus back on the sport: “For me it is important that the team is successful and what happens to me then doesn’t give a shit.”

The most important of the Saturday games are listed below – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow Borussia Dortmund II will receive Viktoria from Cologne (from 12.45 p.m.) and TSV Havelse will compete in the derby against Eintracht Braunschweig (from 1.45 p.m.) – live on MagentaSport. The top game on Monday: MSV Duisburg against 1. FC Kaiserslautern, live from 6.45 p.m. on MagentaSport. Reporter Thomas Wagner had previously interviewed Lautern’s trainer Marco Antwerp – here is the conversation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ap4zyUePn8

1. FC Saarbrücken – TSV 1860 Munich 1: 1

Both during the game and after the final whistle, there were several arguments between the two teams. There were also differences of opinion between the coaches about the penalty situation for FCS, according to Saarbrücken’s coach Uwe Koschinat: “Michael Köllner expressed quite a few exclusive opinions for himself today after the game … But we will clarify that among coaches. It was unnecessary and from my point of view there were a lot of controversial situations in the opposing penalty area today, but we didn’t try to steal something. That’s why I think I’m talking about a referee’s decision that would have clearly favored the game for us, that’s nonsense. “

About the game he said: “Certainly the game had different phases today. We showed an enormous dominance after both kick-offs and had a very good structure in the game. But we can’t hide the fact that we ran after a very long phase in the first half … But I think that the energy that the team put on the pitch today deserved a victory. In the end, there can be no two opinions. 1860 staggered from one embarrassment to the other and that’s of course a shame that we couldn’t reward so much effort with 3 points in the end. “

Keeper Daniel Batz on the draw: “If you score a point after falling behind against such a good team, that’s okay, although we still had a chance of 2-1 in the end. The draw is fair.”

With the draw, the Lions are now 7 games in a row without a win. 1860 trainer Michael Köllner said: “It was a good game by my team. We put on a very good performance … Then have a good chance of making it 2-0 and don’t do it. I also looked at the penalty kick and it wasn’t one. Saarbrücken then got 1: 1 through a gift from the referee… We had absolute control and that is what counts for us in the end. We played a great game, but there are still small nuances missing for the victories and we will reward ourselves for that in the next few weeks. “

Merveille Biankadi, 1-0 scorer, was pissed off after the game: “Honestly, I can’t see all the draws anymore. Of course you can play a draw here, but there are too many in the crowd … But it doesn’t help. We’ll get up tomorrow at the latest and want to finally get another three on Saturday. “

1. FC Magdeburg – Viktoria Berlin 1-0

1. FC Magdeburg wins the 3rd game in a row and further consolidates the top of the table. Trainer Christian Titz: “It was of course great how the spectators supported their team throughout the game … I’m basically happy because we played 0, but we missed deciding the game in the first half.” About the comfortable cushion of 7 points in second place: “It’s not that we’re not happy about it. We’re happy that there is such a gap to the other teams at the moment, but we know that this is currently a result of many games in which we have invested a lot. It is not always advisable to look at the table. “

Winning goal scorer Connor Krempicki: “I can’t speak a bit, but you can’t tell anyone that the game will end 1-0. I’m speechless. I don’t know … It should actually end 4-2 for us or something. No plan. A few goals should have fallen. “

Viktoria only got one point out of the last 5 games and loses connection Viktoria-Trainer Benedetto Muzzicato: “In the end, the cleverer team won. They set the course with the first chance and then did well … In the second half we have to turn it around, but the boys don’t reward each other. For the way they did it I can’t criticize anyone about how they performed here in this stadium. At the moment we don’t have the quality to finish games. “

SV Waldhof Mannheim – FSV Zwickau 1: 1

SV Waldhof Mannheim lost 2 points against Zwickau. Mannheim coach Patrick Glöckner: “It was an excellent performance from us, regardless of the situation. We created a lot of chances … We had 2 hits and 4.5 big chances. So I’m glad that my team accepted and implemented it so well. .. I can’t blame the boys for anything today. Everyone sacrificed themselves … You just see that we work together as a team. “

FSV Zwickau has been unbeaten for 6 games. Trainer Joe Enochs: “Obviously it’s not easy to survive here. To get a draw here is worth all respect for me … Coming back after the 0: 1 is worth all honors. It’s a really good mentality that the team has and we are proud of it. “

Dominic Baumann summed up the game like this: “That was a game where we had to turn a chance into a goal and we did it.”

Mannheim’s unrest away from the square – is Kientz on the brink?

Mannheim’s sporting director Jochen Kientz about the ordered quarantine for 17 SV Waldhof players who allegedly became infected during a team evening. Reports of what happened vary widely. Kientz sees himself wrongly in the pillory: “First and foremost, it is about those affected and that none of them had a difficult course … It is useless here to blame us. We have to see what we did right and what we got it wrong. It happened the way it happened. Unfortunately, we did not recognize this protection through the rapid tests. That is why this high number of infected people came out. “

A team celebration initiated by Jochen Kientz was named as the origin: “Yes, I initiated it due to the fact that it was my birthday. But it wasn’t a team evening. It was noon at 3 pm so that we were alone and it was also just a waiter … I’m also very strict about that because my family was badly affected. That’s why I’m very strict and have done everything in my work area as it should be. “

Whether he sometimes feels left alone at the club because someone is looking for a culprit and he is one of them: “For me, it is important that the team is successful and what happens to me then doesn’t give a shit either. It’s about my boys, Our team and that we are successful. Nothing else. “

SV Wehen Wiesbaden – SV Meppen 3: 4

Wiesbaden’s trainer Rüdiger Rehm: “That was too little, clearly. I think we have to touch our own nose. We had everything under control in the first half. We made it 1-0 and then got off the track. We scored 3 goals made, but that also means we defended very, very badly at the back today. “

Meppens Trainer Rico Schmitt: “Fantastic. That was a good comeback. It didn’t look like it at the beginning. We were unstructured and deservedly fell behind. But then it was a very good comeback for my team … I’m really happy for the guys. “

Serhat Koruk after the away win: “It will be a cool trip back. We will definitely hear a song or two and celebrate a bit, of course.” He doesn’t drink beer, though: “No, not that. I don’t drink alcohol, but the guys are sure to blow one or the other.”

Würzburger Kickers – Türkgücü Munich 2-1

First three under the new coach Danny Schwarz – they are no longer penultimate. Würzburg coach Danny Schwarz had a special reason to be happy: “For me it was the first victory as a professional coach. And also for the players, you saw just at the end how important the first home three was for the team. Everyone is a stone – how do you say – from the heart fallen … The first half was about football, I would have wished for even more courage. But that looked really good. In the second half, the team also showed their team spirit, their fighting spirit. “

Würzburg’s Tobias Kraulich, who scored the 2-0: “You saw in the first half that we want to play football. But overall, I think a very, very decent game from us. A deserved victory for us.”

About football under the new coach Danny Schwarz: “That we are more courageous, that we play football with more self-confidence, as has been seen.”

Türkgücü’s coach Peter Hyballa: “If you analyze the goals, it’s just standards again. We don’t block, don’t go up at all – that’s just not well defended. … I just didn’t think it was good enough. Mal …. Würzburg’s victory was totally deserved. “

SC Freiburg II – SC Verl 3: 2

Two teams that are good for a lot of goals, also for a lot of goals. Important success for the newcomer, Verl as fourteenth, on the other hand, slides further and further down.

“That feels very good. That was a great first half for us,” said Freiburg’s talent Yannik Engelhardt, who scored for the first time: “I was very happy because one or the other ball has not gone in from me in the last few weeks – it was definitely a special moment for me. “

Verls Trainer Guerino Kids murrte: “We played a catastrophic first half. We wanted to appear compact. We were more passive, we gave Freiburg far too much space. At the moment it is not good how we defend, how we defend the standards. At half time I said that the guys should throw everything forward. “

Capretti also got yellow because of his behavior on the outside line: “I was just disappointed.”

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