Würzburg knife attack: According to the expert opinion, Somalis are innocent of guilt

According to a psychiatric assessment, the Würzburg knife stabber was innocent of guilt when he attacked passers-by at the end of June. The two experts commissioned in the investigation would each come to this conclusion independently of one another, said the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office and the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Preliminary assessment confirmed

At the request of the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Würzburg District Court ordered the suspect to be temporarily placed in a psychiatric hospital in July 2021. A preliminary psychiatric assessment had already come to the conclusion that the accused may have been incapable of guilt at the time of the crime.

The appraisal of the experts does not mean that the investigating bodies have doubts about the culprit of the accused, according to the press release from the State Criminal Police Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Somalis commented on the knife attack

The Somali is still in a mental health facility. There he was questioned on September 30, 2021 by the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office and Soko Main in the presence of his legal advisor and an interpreter.

During this interrogation, the man made an effort, according to his legal counsel, to help clarify the crime. The 32-year-old Somali had made very specific statements and also assumed responsibility. He also expressed his regret.

A lot of work for the special commission

The special commission has so far processed more than 450 tracks. According to the investigators, there are still no indications of accomplices or accomplices or an extremist background.

Due to the well-advanced investigations and the assessments of the experts on the question of culpability, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Munich will probably apply for permanent placement of the accused in a closed ward of a psychiatric hospital by the end of this year.

On June 25, the Somali stabbed and killed three women indiscriminately in a department store on Barbarossaplatz in Würzburg. More people were injured. After his arrest, several attempts to question the Somali remained unsuccessful. The 32-year-old was subsequently transferred from pre-trial detention to psychiatry.


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