United States: Man kills neighbor in Florida cat dispute

A Florida resident was accused of killing his neighbor in a dispute caused by a cat that entered his yard, the local police station reported.

Clifford Anthony Bliss Jr., 58, was enraged after the cat entered his yard Wednesday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

Bliss went to her neighbor’s house in Umatilla and threatened to kill the cat.

James Arland Taylor Jr., 41, asked him not to shoot the cat, according to deputies. It was then that Bliss shot Taylor.

Officers interviewed a woman who was at Taylor’s home when Bliss knocked on the door.

He said the man was furious at the cat and that Taylor asked him not to shoot the animal, the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper reported.

Taylor was at least shot in the chest. Bliss He was arrested without incident, charged with felony murder, and held without bail in the Marion County Jail.

The court records did not mention an attorney for Bliss who could provide his point of view.



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