The court confirms the ban on demonstrations in Leipzig – no complaint planned

The Leipzig Administrative Court has confirmed the ban on three demonstrations that were registered for Saturday in Leipzig. These should lead on different routes as a star march to the Leipzig district of Connewitz. As a justification, the court stated that there was a high probability that an unsatisfactory course could be expected. This also applies to the nationwide mobilization in the violent left-wing autonomous scene. In addition, the city’s bans are not legally objectionable. The authority could forbid the meeting “if after […] recognizable circumstances, public safety or order is directly endangered when the meeting or the elevator is carried out “.

No complaint planned

As the organizers of the demo announced on their website on Friday, they do not want to lodge a complaint with the Higher Administrative Court in Bautzen. You therefore rate the chances of success as low.

As the organizers of the forbidden demonstration stations, it is no longer up to us how the weekend will develop.

Press release
Action alliance “All together”

Police operation planned

Meanwhile, two articles have been published on the website calling for people to go to Leipzig. According to police spokesman Olaf Hoppe, the police are still preparing for an operation. This happens regardless of the current prohibition orders. In addition, a so-called control area will be set up in the districts of Plagwitz, Südvorstadt and Connewitz from Friday to Sunday, in which the police can carry out personal and bag checks without specific suspicion.

Urgent applications rejected

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