Pope Francis warns that the devil enters the Church with worldliness

Today, in a speech before the general chapter of the religious of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Pope Francis warned that the devil enters the Church taking advantage of the spiritual worldliness of the clergy.

“In my opinion, an angry nun is a very unpleasant thing, a nun who seems to eat not milk but vinegar for breakfast. Be mothers.”

“Do not forget that the worst evil that can happen in the Church is spiritual worldliness. I can tell it seems almost worse than a sin (…) The devil enters religious houses that way, “the pontiff warned the nuns in his Roman convent.

Francis prevented the nuns from succumbing to the frivolous life but also urged them not to take advantage of their “status.”

“Attentive to spiritual worldliness. To live you do not need to change your mobile phone or take a vacation at the beach. I’m talking about real things. Worldliness is a spirit that does not let you be at peace or with a not beautiful peace, “he warned.

On the other hand, the pontiff invited the nuns to favor the relationship between generations of nuns within the convents and recalled the case of one in Argentina in which the young women lived separately from the older ones.

“This is a sin against the family! The elderly must live, as far as possible, in the living community. It is a duty of the young to take care of the elderly, learn and talk with them“, said.

Finally, he encouraged them to serve and show “compassion and tenderness.”

“In my opinion, an angry nun is a very unpleasant thing, a nun who seems to have breakfast not with milk but with vinegar. Be mothers,” he invited.



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