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Held as a parallel festival from November 5th to 21st
AR Online Exhibition… ‘Chorongi’ also started activities

The ‘Seoul Lantern Festival’ will be held as an online and offline parallel festival for the first time this year. Supporters ‘Chorongi’ / Seoul Tourism Organization

The 13th ‘Seoul Lantern Festival’ will be held as an online and offline parallel festival for the first time this year due to the prolonged Corona 19.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the Seoul Lantern Festival will be held in parallel online and offline from November 5 to 21. It plans to focus on non-face-to-face programs such as online exhibitions using AR, online experience kit activities, and SNS events. In addition, they plan to meet citizens through various events, such as the ‘AR Hanji Collection’ event, which can only be participated at the festival site, and the ‘AR Exhibition Verification Shot Contest’ for those who cannot come to the site in person.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization held a meeting on the 20th to announce the start of the activities of the ‘2021 Seoul Lantern Festival Official Supporters’. On this day, the Seoul Tourism Organization presented a letter of appointment to 21 ‘Chorongi’, the official supporters, and informed them about their future activities. The 21 lanterns will participate in online and offline events and events for the Seoul Lantern Festival for about two months, and social media promotion activities to attract visitors.

Hong Jae-sun, head of the tourism content team at the Seoul Tourism Foundation, said, “As this year’s Seoul Lantern Festival will be held online and offline for the first time, we have high expectations for official supporters. I hope to encourage them to do so.”

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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