Korean Air sponsors 89 tons of rice since 2004

Donated 300 bags of ‘Rice of Love’ to Gangseo-gu Office
18 years from 2004, 89 tons of sponsorship

Korean Air’s Jiang-hwi, in charge of the general affairs department (left), and Kim Mi-young, director of the Living Welfare Bureau of Gangseo-gu Office (right) pose for a commemorative photo. /Korean Air

On the afternoon of the 20th, Korean Air donated ‘Rice of Love’ to the Gangseo District Office in Seoul.

At the event, Korean Air donated 300 bags of 10kg rice to the Gangseo-gu Office for neighbors in Gangseo-gu, who are suffering from a decrease in sponsorship due to the Corona 19. The donated rice will be delivered to 300 vulnerable households, including the elderly living alone, the head of a boy and girl, and the disabled in the area selected by Gangseo-gu.

Korean Air’s rice of love sponsorship event is a representative social contribution activity of Korean Air that started in 2004 and has been running for 18 years this year. The amount of rice donated so far this year has reached 89 tons.

Meanwhile, at Korean Air, about 4,000 employees in 25 in-house volunteer groups are engaged in various volunteer activities.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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