Korea and Mekong connected with culture, sing a new leap forward

10. 22. ‘Korea-Mekong Exchange Year Celebration Friendship Concert’ held online

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee, hereafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), together with the Korea Institute for International Cultural Exchange (Director Gil-Hwa Jeong, hereafter referred to as the Promotion Agency), will hold a friendship concert (MEKONG-KOREA) on October 22 (Fri) at 9 pm to commemorate the Year of Korea-Mekong Exchange. FRIENDSHIP CONCERT STREAMING CULTURE)’ will be held online through 1theK, a YouTube channel specializing in Hallyu, so that people around the world can enjoy it.

‘Mekong’ refers to the five countries in the Mekong River basin: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. South Korea and the five Mekong countries designated 2021 as the Year of Korea-Mekong Exchanges in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Korea-Mekong cooperation at the 2019 Korea-Mekong Summit.

Passion of the Han and Mekong Rivers leads to music

This friendship concert was held under the theme of ‘STREAMING CULTURE’ with the hope that diverse cultures will continue along the Han and Mekong Rivers and exchanges will be revitalized. In addition to Korea’s ‘The Boyz’ and ‘ATEEZ’, which have a large fan base not only in Korea but also abroad, ‘Aok Sokunkannya’, a famous Cambodian singer and actor, ‘Arena’ in Thailand with Korean members, and Laos where they performed in Korea. ‘Alexandra Founway’ from ‘Leeds’ from Vietnam, who has been trained as a K-pop singer system, will appear. They plan to not only sing their own representative songs but also perform joint performances together, overcoming physical distance and showcasing their unity through music.

Reducing the cultural distance through various cultural introductions and online fan meetings

In addition, this concert will introduce various cultures such as traditional cultures, festivals, food, and outdoor activities of each country through video, providing a different kind of fun. In particular, ‘The Boyz’ not only performs a dynamic performance at Changdeokgung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the first time in a K-pop group, but also directly introduces Changdeokgung to fans around the world, spreading the charm of K-pop and the beauty of Korea. ‘ATEEZ’ communicates with K-pop fans through online fan meetings and relieves the regret of not being able to meet in person.

The Korea-Mekong Friendship Concert will also be broadcast on October 30 (Sat) at 8 pm on Arirang TV. Afterwards, local media in the Mekong, including Cambodia, are also planning to broadcast.

Expectations for common prosperity between Korea and Mekong by expanding cultural exchanges where people are happy

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hwang Hee said, “Through this concert, you will be able to feel the power of culture that strengthens solidarity between people and makes people happy. this is expected If our experience of achieving the miracle of the Han River meets the potential of the Mekong River, we will be able to achieve true common prosperity.”

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]


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