Easy payment for Jin Air tickets with T-Money Pay

From October 19th, additional services are available
Operation of BizPay for corporate members

Jin Air Introduced T-Money Pay Simple Payment Service / Jin Air

Jin Air started the T-money simple payment service on the 19th. You can easily purchase Jin Air tickets using T-money’s simple payment platform, T-Money Pay.

If you are a T-Money Pay customer, you can select T-Money Pay at the Jin Air ticket reservation stage and pay. Various additional services such as advance seat assignment service and bundle service can also be paid for together. T-money BizPay, a business mobile transportation payment service for corporate members, was also introduced. It has the advantage that it can be used for business trips and business trips without a corporate card or slip.

Jin Air said, “We will continue to strengthen customer convenience through collaboration between the two companies, which have various airline networks and public transportation and mobility payment services.”

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