Air Busan Launches Pork Soup Meal Kit ‘Perfect for Winter’

Two types of pork soup and sundae soup sold
Online purchases such as Naver and Coupang available

Air Busan launched a Busan pork soup meal kit / Air Busan

Air Busan launches the pork soup meal kit on October 21 and introduces the taste of Busan. There are two types of pork soup and sundae soup, which can be purchased online and offline.

Air Busan Milk Kit was created through collaboration with Food Assemble, a manufacturer specializing in meal kits, and Bonjeon Pork Soup, a restaurant for pork soup. Food Assembled website, online shopping malls such as Naver and Coupang, and offline stores (Lotte Department Store Busan Main Branch, Hyundai Department Store Daegu Branch, etc.) also started selling from the 21st. To commemorate the launch of the meal kit, a free meal kit coupon will be provided to all passengers on Air Busan Flight BX8813 from Gimpo to Gimhae at 12:30 on October 22. 100 people from the milk kit experience group will also be selected, and domestic flight tickets will be given to those who write excellent experience reviews. Domestic flight tickets and Air Busan goods are also presented through the purchase verification event.

Regional collaborative marketing will also continue. Air Busan is producing and selling collaboration blocks with ‘Oxford’, a block toy manufacturer in Busan, and is also collaborating with Momos Coffee, a Busan coffee shop, to produce and sell specialty products. Last September, they were promoting ‘TourG’, a small eco-friendly mobility sharing service, with the tour staff of a venture company in Busan.

An Air Busan official said, “As a regional airline, we made a milk kit to promote the taste of Busan through pork soup, a representative local food, and to promote good local businesses. We plan to create Air Busan brand products.”

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