▷ Trittin: Important EU issues must be decided by a majority

22.10.2021 – 08:27

rbb – Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

The Green politician Jürgen Trittin has called on the future federal government to work at EU level to ensure that not all supposedly important decisions are put on the agendas of the meetings of heads of state and government.

In the Inforadio from the rbb, Trittin said on Friday that only then would unanimous decisions be necessary and that would make oneself vulnerable to blackmail. This “bad habit” must be ended.

“What can be decided by a majority should also be decided by a majority, and the dominance of the European Council […] must be reduced in favor of the democratic community method. ”

Trittin also called it problematic that the common foreign and security policy is based on the principle of unanimity rather than majority.

Regarding the current conflict with Poland, the Green politician said that a quick solution was not to be expected at the current EU summit. “I am pleased that the EU Commission has been asked to actually review all instruments that are intended to ensure compliance with the European treaties.”

It is clear that the Council will of course remain in talks with Poland. “But what is also clear: You cannot be held responsible for the fact that what Poland has signed and ratified by law, that you are a member of the European Union and that you want to abide by European laws, that you do that […] then declared for blackmail. ”

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