▷ Risen Energy announces the beginning of the PV 7.0 era

22.10.2021 – 20:16

Risen Energy Co., Ltd

Ningbo, China (ots/PRNewswire)

The solar module manufacturer is holding a seminar on the technology and possible uses of high-performance modules

The Risen Energy Co., Ltd. (Risen Energy), a leading manufacturer of high-performance modules in China, organized a seminar on the technology and application of high-performance modules in Kunming in the Chinese province of Yunnan. During the seminar, key industry players including Risen Energy and Trina Solar, as well as well-known research and certification institutes, discussed industry trends and the next steps that need to be taken in view of these trends in order to support the industry growth for high-performance modules To ensure China’s goal of CO2 neutrality. Wu Xuelin, Senior Manager for Product Management at Risen Energy, gave the keynote speech “Outlook for the 700W + Era: A Perfect Combination of Efficiency, Size and Technology” Technology “) of the event.

The goal of CO2 neutrality and the subsequent publication of a number of favorable laws underline China’s commitment to the renewable and sustainable energy sector and have given the product roadmaps of Chinese PV manufacturers new tailwind. One of the key takeaways from a trend survey is: Further reductions in LCOE are key to reshaping the entire PV industry. In his keynote speech, Wu emphasized that large-format, high-performance modules based on the 210 mm silicon wafer platform are the products that can be used to optimize the reduction of LCOE and that can deliver the next big boost that the industry needs. The prospects for selling the products are expected to improve thanks to a number of favorable strategies.

In June of this year, Risen Energy launched NewT @ N, the first mass-produced solar module in the industry with an output of up to 700 W and a total module efficiency of 22.9 percent, heralding the era of PV 7.0. As a prime example of Risen Energy’s new low-voltage, high-current range, NewT @ N carries higher loads, houses more installed capacity, increases power generation efficiency and reduces the number of accessories required for installation while reducing costs. NewT @ N is available in a standard design and maximizes the convenience and value of ultra high power modules and solutions during use. NewT @ N also has the advantages of N-cells, such as an extremely low temperature coefficient, excellent performance in low light and poor stability, making it a top-class product.

Encouraged by the funding from Risen Energy, the 210 mm silicon wafer has met with great recognition in the market. Its stability and high yield could be proven by solid measurement data. The 600W + Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, led by Risen Energy, has established a top-down industrial chain with the 210 mm silicon wafer at the top. Due to its high efficiency and yield, the 210 mm silicon wafer has become the solution of choice for large power plants as well as decentralized photovoltaic projects at the district level in China.

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