▷ Online appeal: No tax-financed right-wing extremism

22.10.2021 – 12:35

Campact e.V.

Verden / Berlin (ots)

Over 100,000 people have made an online appeal to not support the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (DES) with taxpayers’ money. Campact started the petition together with the Anne Frank educational institution, DefunDES and the Grandmas Against Right. It says: “The AfD wants to have up to 70 million euros a year for its party foundation from federal funds. If it succeeds, DES can use our tax money to promote the expansion of right-wing structures and have a massive impact on public discourse.” The online appeal therefore contains the demand for a legal basis that prevents tax money from being passed on to anti-democratic organizations in the long term. The party leaders of the SPD, Greens and FDP would have to commit to this in the coalition agreement.

DES maintains links with right-wing extremist organizations

According to a current study by the Otto Brenner Foundation, DES maintains links with right-wing to right-wing extremist milieus. In addition, the DES members, above all their chairwoman Erika Steinbach, repeatedly appear with historical revisionist, racist or anti-queer statements. The answer to a small question from the Greens also shows that even the federal government assumes that the DES board and the board of trustees are connected to right-wing extremist organizations, some of which are under surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Dr. Miriam Schader, campaigner at Campact: “Funds for party foundations have so far flowed without clear legal regulation. DES and AfD want to take advantage of this and demand federal funds in the millions. All of our tax money would sponsor right-wing pseudo-science, a shift to the right in public discourse and the right-wing scene. SPD, Greens and FDP can prevent that: It should already be stated in the coalition agreement that a foundation that undermines democracy will not receive any state funding. ”

Meron Mendel, Director of the Anne Frank Education Center: “With the public funding of the extreme right-wing Desiderius Erasmus Foundation, we are facing a disaster for our democracy, which we have been warning of for several years at the Anne Frank Educational Center. Politicians still have the opportunity to prevent the disaster. Who nothing takes action against her, is complicit in her. ”

Nanja from DefunDes: “The enactment of a foundation law could send a clear signal against hatred and right-wing agitation that would otherwise be sown under the guise of educational work among DES scholarship holders Equal treatment of all people and not counteract human dignity. ”

Marion Förster, Germany alliance of grandmas against the right: “The AfD foundation wants to destroy our democracy from within: training fascist cadres, spreading disinformation and agitation, shifting the social consensus to the right. Since 2020 the grandmothers against the law have been calling on members of the Bundestag to campaign against DES. We hope further that the future traffic light coalition will take its social responsibility seriously and prevent tax money from being wasted on the far right. ”

Link to the online appeal (with current petition numbers): https://aktion.campact.de/rechtsextremismus/afd-stiftung/teilnehmen

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