▷ Modern hearing systems help with hearing loss / Those who hear the wind will reap quality of life

22.10.2021 – 15:57

Federal Guild of Hearing Acousticians KdöR

Mainz (ots)

The wind whistles, the leaves rustle. Anyone who can no longer hear the harbingers of the autumn storms can have their hearing checked by a hearing care professional as a precaution. Because hearing loss does not only occur in old age, it can also affect young people. Modern hearing systems have long been small mini-computers that can be controlled via smartphones and can also be connected to technical devices via Bluetooth. Hearing care professionals adapt them individually to the respective hearing loss. This makes good hearing and a better quality of life possible again.

The statutory health insurances bear the costs for the hearing systems, provided they are prescribed by a doctor for the first aid. Only the statutory additional payment of 10 euros is due. Anyone who wants additional functions in addition to compensating for hearing usually has to pay for them in the form of additional private costs. This can be particularly useful if you would like to connect the hearing system to your own smartphone so that the hearing system can be operated via it. There are numerous additional functions for all possible wishes and requirements. The hearing care professional will give extensive advice on the options and whether they make sense.

Regardless of whether with or without additional functions, a hearing system not only allows its user to hear better in everyday life, it also makes a decisive contribution to a significant increase in quality of life. Because even if the windy autumn days are not appreciated by everyone, you should at least be able to perceive them with all your senses.

More information is available on the service page: www.richtig-gut-hoeren.de

You can find hearing care professionals in your area via the following link: https://www.hoerakustiker-suche.de

Background to the hearing care professional

In Germany there are around 5.4 million people with an indicated hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the ten most common health problems. With over 7,000 hearing care professionals and around 15,000 hearing care professionals, the hearing care trade already supplies around 3.7 million people in Germany with the latest hearing systems. The Federal Guild of Hearing Acousticians (biha) KdöR represents the interests of hearing aid professionals in Germany.

The quality of care in the area of ​​hearing systems in Germany is very good, as confirmed by the largest survey of insured persons on hearing system care in Germany ever carried out by statutory health insurances. Around 90 percent of the insured were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the individual care situation. And this regardless of whether the insured person has chosen additional cost-free care or made a private additional payment.

In addition to the initial care of the customer, the hearing care professional is also responsible for the accompanying fine adjustment with repeated checks and readjustments of the hearing system functions and much more. He advises on hearing protection, tinnitus and everything related to hearing.

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