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22.10.2021 – 12:10

MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig (ots)

The Germans have never been as rich as they are today. But whoever puts his money “on the high edge” is threatened with penalty interest at many banks and savings banks. Why this is so and how you can safely save money instead is discussed in the round at “Fakt ist!” From Magdeburg on October 25, 2021. The MDR Talk can be seen from 8.30 p.m. in the live stream on mdr.de/tv and at 10:10 p.m. on MDR television and then in the ARD media library.

The financial wealth of the Germans has reached a new record level. German citizens have saved and invested 7.14 trillion euros. The “classic” method of letting money in a savings account or savings account work for you has now clearly fallen behind.

The share of savings deposits has shrunk by three quarters in the last 30 years – from 40 percent in 1991 to around ten percent most recently. No wonder, as banks hardly pay interest on their savings – or even ask their customers to pay. At around 400 German financial institutions, customers have to pay when they deposit money there; with some even from a deposit amount of 5,000 euros. Others feel pressured by their bank to terminate savings contracts and invest their money in other ways.

As a result of all these developments, the number of shareholders has increased. 12.4 million Germans are now investing their money in funds and securities. This is particularly popular with young people. But in East Germany the proportion of shareholders is significantly lower.

If you believe financial experts, consumers should change that as soon as possible. According to a study by the Comdirect Bank, German savers are losing billions because inflation is eating up meager interest rates. They point to the principle that there can be no additional return without additional risk – and consider the risk aversion of many consumers for stocks to be completely unfounded.

So has traditional savings really become obsolete? Why is there no more interest? Can consumers be advised to take more risk? And where and how do you invest your money safely today instead? Anja Heyde speaks to the following guests about these and other questions:

  • Hermann-Josef Tenhagen, financial expert,
  • Sahra Wagenknecht, Die Linke, member of the Bundestag and publicist,
  • Dani Parthum, economist and financial blogger, as well
  • Achim Oelgarth, East German Bankers Association.

Citizen reporter Stefan Bernschein asks people what they do themselves or what they advise against, has a young Magdeburg guest who has already invested successfully as a teenager, and retired detective Lothar Schirmer, who advises against putting money under his pillow.

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