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22.10.2021 – 03:29

Marine Online (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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Updated salary data for seafarers and customizable crewing services for employers

Covid-19 has undermined the attractiveness of the seafaring career. India’s massive outbreak prompted several countries to impose border restrictions, disrupting the labor force balance. One consequence of this has been the relocation of labor needs to other countries, which eventually suffered from a shortage. Other side effects were wage inflation and stagnation and the preference for vaccinated staff, which had a significant impact on average wages.

Marine Online (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. recently published their Global Salary Seafarer Index (GSSI). It reflects the global median containers for the 3rd quarter of 2021 and is a special reference work for those involved in maritime transport on the current market prices for seafarers. It provides information about the median or average salary of the staff, which employers can use to retain talent.

Edmund Chik, Marine Online’s Assistant Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Our GSSI is built using data from two main sources. The first data comes from 20 agencies in the 10 largest seafarer sending countries, the others are daily collected data from over 100,000 seafarers who have volunteered. These two important sources guaranteed the authenticity and reliability of the GSSI. “

Crewing Despatch Service

To help shipowners expedite their recruitment process, Marine Online has also launched its Crewing Despatch Service, which includes related administrative services. Marine Online has built an extensive network of global crew specialists as authorized service providers. These specialists are responsible for all related formalities, which greatly improves the crew despatch process.

Edmund added: “Our crewing despatch service also allows for individual customization of the crew.” With over 100,000 seafarers in 12 countries within reach, shipowners can assemble or adapt their team via the Marine Online platform. Ship owners can save up to 15% in costs with our crew despatch service compared to the traditional practice of hiring crew agencies. In addition, our platform gives employers access to a broader range of professionals of various nationalities and expertise in order to put together a thorough and balanced team. “

Marine Online is a customer-oriented platform that offers experts in the maritime sector solutions with added value. To date, Marine Online has done business for clients from Indonesia, China, Singapore and Greece.

About Marine Online (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Marine Online is the world’s first integrated platform specializing in maritime services for the global market. The company was founded in 2019 and offers various maritime services for regional ship and cargo owners via its revolutionary AI and big data-enabled platform. With its portfolio of 8 key services, Marine Online is shaping the future of the maritime industry by using cutting edge technology to create business opportunities and connections. For more information, see marineonline.com

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