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17% of the total population living in Austria were born abroad. The largest group of immigrants are German citizens. In 2020 alone 19,000 Germans moved to Austria. According to Statistics Austria, a total of 208,000 people born in Germany have found their new home in Austria and registered their main or second residence here. But what is the best way to proceed if, as a German, you want to buy a property in beautiful Austria? The Graz start-up OPTIFIN has developed a tailor-made solution that makes financing real estate purchases in the Alpine republic easy and secure.

Even if every emigration is individual, there is a clear trend in immigration from Germany to Austria. The main argument for many German citizens in favor of living in the neighboring country to the south is the labor market. In addition to the health sector, tourism and technology are particularly popular industries. But craftsmen are also desperately wanted in Austria. The education system attracts just as many German migrants, even though the majority of German students leave Austria again after completing their studies. Another motivation is to be close to family members and friends.

Relocate the center of your life to Austria – the bureaucratic hurdles

Due to the geographical proximity, the majority of immigrant Germans live in the federal states of Tyrol, Upper and Lower Austria and Salzburg. Only Vienna has an even higher number of German residents with 56,000 registered main or secondary residence. The bureaucratic hurdles for a new life in Austria are not very high here. Anyone who does not stay here longer than three months only needs an officially valid ID. Working, studying and living in Austria is also associated with little effort for EU citizens. But if you want to build a life in Austria, you have to get in touch accordingly.

Acquire property in Austria

It is different when buying real estate – here as a German citizen you have to overcome a number of trenches. It is important to know that every purchase of property in Austria is also subject to Austrian law. You are therefore well advised to seek help with drafting the purchase contract, registering the land register and even in advance with the search. Another important aspect is the financing of the property. German banks do not grant loans for the purchase of foreign properties because they cannot be entered in the land register. And the Austrian banks are hesitant in granting financing if the buyer has not worked in Austria for at least six months beforehand, because otherwise they will not be able to access the income in the event of a payment default. So in both cases there is a collateral deficit for the banks.

Real estate financing in Austria made easy

Since the desire to own a home in Austria is an ever-increasing issue among German citizens, the Graz-based company OPTIFIN has specialized in arranging individual financing offers for non-Austrians. Regardless of whether it is a main residence or a holiday home, the independent financing specialists at OPTIFIN will always find the right partner bank from their cooperation pool of over 80 credit institutions. The services go far beyond the mere loan brokerage. on www.optifin.de you will find information about grants as well as guides and articles on the most important financing issues. Anyone who would like to better understand the specifics of Austrian real estate loans can arrange a free, non-binding consultation appointment. The financing advisor accompanies the customer until the loan agreement is signed.

Ownership in just a few steps

In doing so, OPTIFIN GmbH has set itself the task of presenting the best financing offers to the buyer in an unbureaucratic, simple and transparent manner. With no hidden costs. The entire process can also be carried out digitally, whereby the protection of customer data is guaranteed at all times. “Apart from the fact that it is not easy as a German citizen to find a financing partner to buy real estate in Austria, many non-Austrians are also struggling with the vastly different procedures of the banks. Especially since the differences in the offers are very large. It is not enough to simply get any kind of financing, you also have to make sure that you have received the optimal offer, ”explains Mario Schantl, Managing Director of OPTIFIN GmbH. The specialized solutions for the German market guarantee the most cost-effective offer, taking into account the individual requirements, so that the dream of owning a home in beautiful Austria can also be realized.

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