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23.10.2021 – 01:11

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Under the motto “EVERYDAY NOW, EVERYDAY FUTURE”, the international festival for youth fashion and art FASHION ZOO 2021 goes one step further and enables unprecedented innovative, daring experiments, interweaves fashion, culture and art into a new language, redefines individual aspects and makes them more attractive and explores the future of a bizarre fashion world. Together with innovative international designers, artists, international brands, media, curators and charities, we want to break the routine with our motto “EVERYDAY NOW, EVEYDAY FUTURE”. We look forward to presenting 21 stations of the future for three days and nights and to creating a fashionable community of youth culture together. We will address our future vision in four subject areas. From the avant-garde show “Boundless Fashion” to the climax of the “New Sustainable Wave”, from the diversity of “Limitless Art” to the infinite possibilities of “Innovation Roam”, we communicate across East and West, breaking the boundaries of Fashion and culture and connect us with inspiring innovators around the globe. We are about to start the 21 future stations.

The cross-border international show includes avant-garde inspiration and creativity, experiments by young designers, forums on the industry and its future, the movement towards sustainable fashion, trendy special exhibitions in the field of culture, and an impressive art space that brings together global creations, an IP event , which is closely based on the trend in Gen-Z culture, and themed interactive experiences. FASHION ZOO 2021 is a platform for worldwide creative exchange and covers all aspects of trendy culture and supports the creativity of young people at home and abroad from all areas of fashion, art and culture – from feasts for the eyes to the collision of the senses , from the fired imagination to the leading new trends. With more than 20 global young designers, more than 10 internationally renowned brands, more than 20 top art universities from home and abroad, more than 150 young artists and more than 6 connections to relevant institutions and organizations, the FASHION ZOO 2021 spreads and explores International Youth Fashion Culture and Art Festival the fashion and youth culture with influences from all over the world, breaks the borders between East and West, interacts with creative effects and organizes a festival that really belongs to the “players of the future”.

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