▷ Disturbing / comment from Nele Leubner on 24-hour care

22.10.2021 – 17:04

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

We are one of the richest countries in the world. But we can only look after our people in need of care if we take advantage of the plight of Eastern European women? The new federal government urgently needs to address this issue. Germany finally needs a real care reform. The problem will worsen significantly with the demographic development in the country. We are getting older, so there will be more and more people who need to be cared for. The illegality in 24-hour care is at a startlingly high level – and would not be so tacitly tolerated in any other area. The fact that this gray area also harbors dangers for the elderly because there are almost no controls in the home environment is often also suppressed. As long as the illegal caregivers continue to work cheaply and silently, the pressure is apparently not great enough to actually change anything with regard to labor law and care financing. Various approaches are conceivable for this, as a look at Austria shows, for example. Or the full care insurance proposed by the social association Vdk – because only a fraction of families in Germany can afford the actual costs of care in old age. One thing is clear: there will definitely not be a simple and inexpensive universal solution. In the future, more money will be needed for care and support for the elderly and sick in long-term care insurance. A coherent concept must be found for this.

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