TUI: Rating raised | current tourism

Good news for TUI: The rating agencies Moody’s and S&P have raised their ratings for the travel group’s creditworthiness. The reason given by both agencies is that the market prospects for vacation travel have improved and are leading to rising bookings.

In addition, TUI has, among other things, secured liquidity and strengthened the balance sheet through additional equity. The most recent capital increase was rated positively. Because through them, TUI can begin to repay the support packages that have flowed in the context of the corona pandemic.

Sebastian Ebel, CFO of the TUI Group, explains: “We have strengthened our financial foundation and a significantly better capital structure. The upgrade by the rating agencies is an important signal that we are on the right path with strategy and measures to get back to our old economic strength. “

TUI had announced that it would use the proceeds from the capital increase of a good 1.1 billion euros to reduce the use of credit lines from KfW and private banks.

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