Take the train and go on a stargazing autumn leaves tour in Gangwon-do!

Take a trip to see the stars in Taegisan, Anbandegi, and Soyanggang and fall leaves

Anbandegi Starlight Tour / KORAIL Tourism Development

KORAIL Tourism Development and Gangwon-do Tourism Foundation announced that they will be offering a ‘special discount on autumn leaves tour’ to support the phased recovery of daily life with Corona. It is a travel product that departs every Saturday and Sunday from October 23rd to November 14th.

For the ‘Taegisan Star View/Mt. Chiaksan Autumn Leaves Trekking Day’ product, take the KTX-Ieum, which departs at 11 am from Cheongnyangni Station, to Wonju, and then meet Mt. Chiak. Enjoy the autumn leaves at Mt. Chiak, which has a majestic mountain range and is attractive every season. After having dinner at Wonju Central Market using the 10,000 won Onnuri gift certificate provided to them, they move to Mt. Taegi and fall into the scenery of the stars and the Milky Way in the night sky. 5 million.

The ‘Chuncheon Soyanggang Starlight Tour, Gubongsan Night View, Cheongpyeongsa Day’ product starts with the ITX-Cheongchun train departing from Yongsan Station at 12:58. You can see the autumn leaves that have become a work of art in harmony with the dancheong of Cheongpyeongsa Temple, which has a long history. You can feel the autumn atmosphere as you walk next to the beautiful autumn leaves reflected in the flowing valley water. Enjoy the night view at Gubongsan Mountain, a secret spot in Chuncheon, and finish the journey after looking at the stars at Soyanggang Dam. 45,000 won.

The ‘Anbandegi · Woljeongsa Fir Forest · Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch 1 Night 2 Days’ product arrives at Jinbu Station by KTX and meets the famous Woljeongsa Fir Forest, one of the three major fir forest trails in the country. Anbandegi, a hidden hot spot for stargazing in Gangwon-do, is located in an alpine area 1100m above sea level, so you can capture the romance of the falling stars. The next day, enjoy the autumn of Pyeongchang at Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch, dine freely at Gangneung Jungang Market with the Onnuri gift certificate provided, and then enjoy a cup of coffee at Anmok Beach. 199,000 won.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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