Management restructuring at Rita AG and Mein Urlaubglück | current tourism

Rita AG, the parent company of the Mein Urlaubglück cooperation, is restructuring its board of directors on November 1st. This also affects the management of Mein Urlaubglück.

Kurt Koch, co-founder and previously a consultant at Rita AG, will be the new CEO. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be Wilfried Klotmann, member of the supervisory board of Rita AG and former board member of LCC-Reisebüro AG.

The previous sole director of Rita AG, Karin Koch, will become the managing director of Mein Urlaubsglück. Together with founding managing director Vanessa Büschleb, she will be responsible for the future of the cooperation. The previous co-managing director Thomas Wiedau is leaving Mein Urlaubglück, but will remain on the Rita AG supervisory board.

“Our first year clearly showed that our cooperation, participation and business model is sustainable and successful. It is therefore time to adapt the management structure of the start-up phase to ongoing operations, ”says Koch, future CEO of Rita AG.

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