Guam, Guam, Guam!…A war to host Guam travelers

Reservation rate soared from October… Special exhibitions and home shopping boom
Airplanes converging to Guam, airlines also re-operate one after another

Guam Onward Resort Scenery / Yellow Balloon

Travel agencies are starting a war to attract tourists to Guam. By the end of this year, reservations for the Saipan Travel Bubble product have been closed, and Saipan and neighboring Guam are continuing their popularity. According to major travel agencies, the reservation rate for Guam tours began to increase significantly in October, and accordingly, they are busy preparing various exhibitions and home shopping.

As a result of a recent survey of 4,400 customers, Hana Tour reported that Guam took the first place with 26% of the ‘first overseas travel destination’ after the With Corona conversion. In fact, if we look at the reservation status of Hana Tour, as of October 20, the number of reservations for Guam travel products was 1,200 by the end of the year, and as October entered, more than 1,000 people were intensively recruited. Interpark Tour also announced that from October 1 to 18, there were 406 reservations for the Guam package. As most of the reservations leave at the end of the year, it was analyzed that inquiries and demand for Guam, where relatively free and safe travel is possible, are rapidly increasing.

As interest in Guam travel grew, travel agencies began to attract tourists one after another. Hana Tour included guide expenses in standard or higher grade products and prepared a luxury hotel accommodation product without shopping. among them ‘[우리끼리] ‘Guam’ is a small group travel product that can depart for 4 or more people, and it is characterized by being able to enjoy a more comfortable and safe itinerary by staying together in a suite room at Lotte Hotel Guam with a group that you organize yourself. On the 2nd day of the tour, you can visit the representative attractions of southern Guam, such as the Emerald Valley and Inarahan Natural Pool, with your guide, and on the 3rd and 4th days you can enjoy a free itinerary.

Yellow Balloon introduces ‘Guam Onward Resort’ products in home shopping. The ‘Guam Onward Resort’ product, which will be broadcast through Lotte One TV from 11:40 pm on October 21st and 24th, will be available for departure from November 2nd, and the boarding aircraft is composed of Jin Air. You can enjoy free time for the entire schedule with hotel buffet breakfast, no tips, no options, and no shopping. In addition, to customers who made a reservation through the broadcast, room upgrades to the ‘Wing Ocean Front Room’ and a 20% discount on golf club green fees are provided. Tomorrow Tour launched a honeymoon product. Guam Tsubaki Tower Honeymoon 5-day product starts at 1279,000 won.

Airlines also jumped into Guam routes. Air Seoul will resume the Incheon-Guam route twice a week for the first time in about 660 days from December 23rd. Also, it is known that Asiana Airlines is preparing to launch the Incheon-Guam route for the first time in 18 years, and Air Busan is also preparing to launch the Busan-Guam route, and this winter, fierce competition is foretold.

Meanwhile, in the second week of November, the Guam Government Tourism Administration plans to hold a #GuamAgain Familiar Tour and a local Travel Mart in Guam for about a week for travel industry officials such as travel agencies, airlines, media, and influencers. Participants are expected to understand the local quarantine situation in Guam, hotels and local facilities, and use it for product planning and promotion.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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