DER Touristik: General terms and conditions apply to “Non-EU high-risk areas” | current tourism

As there are more and more vaccinated holidaymakers on the one hand and fewer and fewer high-risk areas on the other, DER Touristik will change the language for “non-EU high-risk areas” from October 26th. In the event of cancellation and rebooking in these destinations, the normal terms and conditions of the organizer will apply again from October 26th. The background to this is that titling it as a high-risk area hardly has any impact on people who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid.

Except for families

In order to make it easier for families to plan their vacation, since unvaccinated children have to be quarantined after returning from a high-risk area, a special regulation continues to apply for bookings with children up to 17 years of age. If families travel to destination areas that have been classified as high-risk areas, all travelers can rebook or cancel free of charge up to one day before departure.
This special regulation applies until November 8, 2021. DER Touristik “keeps an eye on the situation continuously and adjusts the decision if necessary,” says touristik aktuell upon request.

The flex package can be added to all bookings for all departures up to October 31, 2022.

Sylvia Raschke

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