COVID Vaccine: Canada Announces Health Passport for International Travel

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday that Canada You will have a vaccination passport in the coming weeks that can be used by citizens of the country to travel abroad.

So far, some of the country’s provinces are issuing vaccination certificates for use in commercial establishments and to demonstrate immunization.

With today’s announcement, the entire country will use these provincial certificates to create a nationally standardized system that will include name, date of birth, COVID-19 vaccination history and a QR code.

Trudeau stated during a press conference that “all provinces and territories have confirmed that they will have a standardized national test of vaccination“.

But the Canadian prime minister acknowledged that he cannot assure that the Canadian vaccination passport will be accepted by other countries, although he was optimistic.

“We are very confident that this vaccination certificate, which will be federally approved and issued by the provinces with the health information of Canadians, will be accepted worldwide,” Trudeau explained. efe



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