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21.10.2021 – 23:14


Dubai, Vae (ots/PRNewswire)

Today the Intelligent Cloud Network Session with the motto “Build Intelligent Cloud Network, Accelerating New Growth” was successfully held in Dubai. As an important part of the 7th Ultra Broadband Forum (UBBF 2021), this meeting brought together leading operators and analysts from well-known institutions from all over the world to discuss topics related to advanced network architecture and to exchange successful business practices in the age of cloud networks.

In the wake of the pandemic, the governments of many countries have accelerated their digitization process. This leads to big changes in the IP industry. The network structure of the operators has changed from a connection-centric to a cloud-centric structure. What are the real requirements of corporate and industrial customers during the development from traditional IP networks to intelligent cloud networks? Which innovative technologies can meet these requirements? What effects does the development of the network architecture have on the infrastructure and the operating mode of the operator? These were the main points discussed at this meeting.

Dan Bieler, analyst at Forrester, stated in the introduction that user requirements could change due to new technologies. In his view, the digitization of companies leads to requirements for the cloudification of services, which means that the operators have to build intelligent networks that enable a convergence of cloud and network in order to get from ICT to DICT.

Hank Chen, President of Huawei’s Router Division, then gave a speech on the subject of “Building Intelligent Cloud-Network, Enabling All-Service Growth”. In his speech, he noted that consumer and vertical industry services are increasingly diversified, and that improving user experience and upgrading vertical industry are great opportunities for operators. Operators need to build an all-in-one IP network that supports network programming, tenant-level SLA guarantees, and flexible cloudification to meet the growth needs of all retail, home and business services and ultimately the foundation for the DICT transformation the operator to create.

Fiber @ Home is the largest Internet service provider in Bangladesh and focuses on delivering secure, robust and fast fiber optic networks across the country. Sumon Ahmed Sabir, CTO of Fiber @ Home, said that the company’s success is based on seizing business opportunities quickly. The target network architecture must therefore be flexible in order to be able to react to new business requirements. In addition, Fiber @ Home actively introduces innovative technologies such as SRv6 path programming, FlexE hard slicing and service visualization in order to develop new business models and thus be successful in the market.

In Hong Kong, CMHK is transforming itself from a pure mobile operator to a provider of diversified services such as broadband services for households and private lines for companies. Lindel Sun, director of business development, believes that network slicing technology enables differentiated services in the live network and meets the different requirements of the various services, which is a solid foundation for the strategic transformation of CMHK.

Francois Olivier, technical director of Rain, the first 5G service provider in South Africa, said massive connections, rapid bandwidth growth and high SLA reliability were the main characteristics of 5G service development. The main goal of the development of the Rain network is to build a convergent carrier network with extremely high capacity, SRv6-based simplified architecture, slicing and automated O&M. In this way, the digitization process in numerous industries can be accelerated.

The UBBF is the world’s highest summit for fixed networks and is jointly organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Huawei. This Intelligent Cloud-Network Session, which aims to support global operators in opening up new markets, shows the cloud-oriented network architectures of the operators and the differentiated capabilities of the Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution from Huawei.

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