▷ SoVD hopes for smart compromises in coalition negotiations

21.10.2021 – 19:57

Social Association Germany (SoVD)

Berlin (ots)

Whether climate change, the future of pensions, nursing care shortages or Hartz IV reform – the challenges for the coming federal government are great and time is of the essence. “Raising the minimum wage to EUR 12, commitment to the pension level of 48% and retirement age as well as the intention to introduce basic child benefits, the exploratory paper contains important steps to improve the situation of millions of people in our country.”, Said the President of the Social Association Germany ( SoVD), Adolf Bauer. Now it is crucial to underpin the big headlines with concrete content.

The German Social Association (SoVD) is all the more hoping that the coalition negotiations will result in smart compromises and the formation of a government quickly. The previous negotiations between the partners are encouraging. “As SoVD, we welcome the fact that the exploratory talks have evidently succeeded in building bridges, in spite of the great differences between the parties involved. If this kind of cooperation can be incorporated into the coalition negotiations that are beginning today, we will be good Things that a government can form quickly before Christmas, “said Bauer.

In the SoVD’s view, in order to ensure social stability and secure social peace, it is imperative to comprehensively strengthen the German welfare state. In the short term, we consider a ‘social 100-day program’ with urgent measures to be absolutely necessary, “emphasizes the SoVD President.

Here is the 100-day program of the SoVD.

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