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Bonn (ots)

“What the Polish prime minister said is against any legal understanding,” criticizes Katarina Barley, SPD; Vice-President of the EU Parliament. The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had defended a ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court in the European Parliament that questions the primacy of EU law. “There has been an understanding for decades that European law takes precedence over national law, including constitutional law,” continued Barley. “That is actually clear for all lawyers. That is a political will that he is now formulating and if you then still know that their constitutional court has been restructured and so newly appointed that it is completely subject to the government, then yes also clear why, because then he can with the Polish Constitutional Court, which is totally at his will, he can then decide what to apply to European law and what not. And of course that doesn’t work at all. ”

In the program “Phoenix Personal”, Katarina Barley, SPD, Vice President of the EU Parliament, speaks about the merits of the European Union, the principle of the rule of law, solidarity in Europe and why she is a staunch European.

“For me, especially as the daughter of a British and a German, this aspect of understanding, peace, living together and wanting to form a community that also represents something internationally is of course also important,” said Katarina Barley about the advantages of the European Union for her personally. She feels “incredibly European,” Barley admits: “I’m also married to a Dutchman, my children’s father is Spanish and I live on the Luxembourg border. So for me Europe is just every day. Yes, it has to a certain extent also to do with cultures, but that also has to do with the European Union as an institution, because without it we would not have this openness, this freedom, the cooperation that we now have and that allows us to where I live to ride my bike through four countries in one day without being stopped anywhere. ”

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