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21.10.2021 – 19:09

BTL Aesthetics Germany GmbH

Neu-Ulm (ots)

In addition to the abdomen and buttocks, the thighs are one of the typically female problem areas. Especially on the inside of the thigh, the unwanted love handles are particularly stubborn and make the dream of the hyped thigh gap, the so-called “thigh gap”, seem unattainable. Regardless of whether it is lifestyle or disposition, one thing is clear: anyone who wants a well-formed and muscular body needs stamina and discipline. For a long time, many have been hoping for a solution that does without strenuous workouts, sore muscles in the days after, or an invasive medical method. Now it is there. Thanks to the innovation of the body contouring experts at the medical device manufacturer BTL Aesthetics, women can finally get closer to the dream of firmer inner thighs, because from now on there is an EMSCULPT NEO applicator for the inside of the thigh.

Just four sessions of approx. 30 minutes with the new applicator of the CE- and FDA-certified EMSCULPT NEO are enough to get the inside of the thighs in shape. Two treatment methods are combined in one device: The well-known HIFEM + technology has been further developed and, in combination with radio frequency, delivers even more convincing results. Clinical studies show a fat loss of around 30% while building muscle by an average of 25%. The deep muscles are also strengthened in the long term. No pain or unpleasant muscle soreness is to be feared as a result of the treatment – on the contrary. While the device is working and the impulses affect the treatment area, the patient can relax. During the treatment you can only feel a “shaking” because the muscles are set in constant motion. A pleasant side effect is achieved by the heat of the radio frequency emitted by the applicators.

The effectiveness of EMSCULPT NEO has been confirmed in clinical studies using reliable scientific methods (MRI, CT, ultrasound and histology). In addition, patient safety was the top priority in the development of the device and the applicators. An EMSCULPT NEO treatment is therefore only offered by doctors and carried out by trained medical staff. In addition, a session with the EMSCULPT NEO is possible without any problems if all applicable distance and hygiene rules are observed. The device works independently, only the applicator is put on by the practitioner. This reduces contact to a minimum. In addition, the device is easy to clean and disinfect after treatment.

Interested parties can easily get a trial treatment at the local EMSCULPT NEO supplier on the BTL Aesthetics website (www.btlaesthetics.com) arrange. The qualified specialists can reliably assess whether a patient is suitable for the application and which successes are realistically possible.

About BTL

EMSCULPT NEO is one of the latest technological developments from BTL. The company has been enriching the market for more than 25 years with a variety of products that offer patients non-invasive therapy options in the fields of medicine and aesthetics. BTL is represented at over 55 locations worldwide and employs more than 1,800 people. 300 engineers are responsible for the company’s innovative strength.

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