▷ KanDao Obsidian Pro wins the 2021 Good Design Award Best 100

22.10.2021 – 00:32


Shenzhen, China (ots/PRNewswire)

KanDao Obsidian Pro was awarded the Good Design Best 100 at the Good Design Award 2021 in Japan. The award is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion to recognize good design and high quality. Each entry is judged according to strict criteria, including good design, innovation and impact.

A total of 5835 products were involved in the creation of the award. KanDao Obsidian Pro was awarded the Good Design Best 100 among other products from well-known technology companies.

The jury’s comments highlighted the sophisticated technology and innovative principles of KanDao: “The arrangement of the internal parts is well-balanced and sophisticated in terms of weight; the SSD is housed under the central handle, and eight 195-degree fisheye lenses are arranged radially and orderly around them in good balance. ” The appearance of the Obsidian Pro also received good reviews. Thanks to our “precision forging technology” and “meticulous surface treatment”, it delivers “a high quality feeling that matches its performance: 12K 3D 30FPS.” In addition, their outstanding properties are also highly valued by jurors from other fields as “an exceptional product that caused a sensation in the field of optical devices dominated by established domestic manufacturers”.

A remarkable 12K 3D VR cinematic camera

The KanDao Obsidian Pro is the first 30FPS panoramic 3D camera to reach 12K resolution and can be seen as a breakthrough in the VR industry. The integration of eight 6K f2.8 lenses with an optical design with 14 elements and 10 groups is the essential component for achieving cinematic image quality. The dynamic range of 14 f-stops also enables a smooth transition from shadows to highlights.

195 ° Fisheye & 8K-Panorama Live

KanDao’s precision forging technology and advanced surface treatment make it beautiful and elegant appearance. The exclusive 195 ° fisheye lenses guarantee the image quality. The eight-lens structure allows any angle to be covered by three lenses, giving a coverage of up to 300%. The CPU supports real-time stitching of 8 images and 8K panorama images.

Electronic iris / focus control

Obsidian Pro is the first panorama camera to be equipped with lenses that have an adjustable aperture. From f2.8 to f16, it has an adjustable exposure range of 16 steps for precise control of the depth of field. With the two selectable distance settings “Near” and “Normal”, it fulfills different requirements for focusing with the large aperture.

The KanDao Meeting Pro, the flagship model of the KanDao meeting camera series, was also awarded the Good Design Award 2021. KanDao Meeting Pro is an integrated four-in-one panoramic camera that offers a comprehensive remote meeting experience. So far, KanDao technology has received four major international industrial design awards (Reddot, iF, IDEA and G-Mark). Notably, KanDao Meeting Pro is the winner of the above four awards.

The products awarded the Good Design Award are characterized by professional design and advanced technology and illustrate the influence of design on business success, so that we will continue to strive to produce excellent high-tech imaging products in the future.

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