▷ At the crossroads / Commentary by Friedrich Roeingh on the dispute between Poland and the EU

21.10.2021 – 18:22

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

The appearance of the Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki this week in front of the EU Parliament made one thing clear: Poland is not a naughty child under the PiS government who has to be given more time until it comes to its senses. The current Polish leadership has long been in the process of knocking down the pillars of the rule of law in their own country. She wants to rewrite the EU as a loose association of national states. Those who are still playing for time now only give the Orbans in Hungary and other would-be autocrats the opportunity to continue laying the ax on the common fundamental values ​​of the EU. The story that EU law has to take a back seat to national law must not be around until the nationalists win the next elections. It is also no longer enough to refuse EU payments. It is long time to revive a two-speed Europe – or better: actually put it on the track. Only the formation of a core Europe will make it possible to defend democracy and the rule of law, to abolish unanimity, to strengthen the EU Parliament and to assume a new geostrategic role vis-à-vis the weakened USA and the overpowering China. Core Europe also needs this new clout in order to counter the democracy-destroying digital networks with its own regulatory framework as quickly as possible. The old EU can then be turned back into a looser federation of affiliated states, whose members continue to participate in the free exchange of goods and services. No less, but no more either.

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