Yeongcheon’s first web drama ‘Little Star Village’ released

Yeongcheon City Official Youtube Channel <별별영천> The four-part series will be released sequentially every week starting on the 22nd.

Yeongcheon-si (Mayor Choi Ki-moon) planned and produced the web drama ‘Little Star Village’ so that you can feel ‘the beautiful natural environment of Yeongcheon and the warmth of the people’. <별별영천>On the 20th, it was announced that a total of 4 episodes will be released sequentially every week.

The web drama ‘Little Star Village’ is a drama screen featuring beautiful backgrounds of Yeongcheon attractions such as Imgoseowon, Byeolbyeol Art Village, Xi’an Museum of Art, Yeongcheon Riverside Park, Yeongcheon Public Market, Dolhalmae, and Yeongcheon City Library and Yeongcheon’s specialties such as grapes, apples, and peaches. put in

It was produced with 4 dramas and 1 music video, and each episode is about 10 minutes long, and one episode will be released every Friday from the 22nd.

The plot of the web drama is about the process of getting to know and understanding Yeongcheon little by little as a curator ‘Jisoo’, who has lost his job in the city, comes to Yeongcheon and has conflicts with the locals due to an unfamiliar environment, but gradually adapts to the people of Yeongcheon who are steadfastly approaching him. Painted.

Choi Ki-moon, Mayor of Yeongcheon, said, “I expect that many citizens and viewers will watch the web drama to make Yeongcheon’s beautiful natural environment and attractions more known. Also, Yeongcheon City Official Youtube <별별영천>We hope that various news will be delivered through the website, giving many tourists an opportunity to visit our area.”

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]

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