Saturday, November 27

Viral: Bear attacks his tamer during circus performance in Russia (VIDEO)

When hundreds of people went to the circus to have a good time, they never thought they were about to witness a terrifying moment and that is, during a performance in a circus in the town of Orlov, in Russia, a bear attacked his trainer in full show. This event was recorded by the attendees and now the video has gone viral on social networks.

In the clip, which lasts just over two minutes, you can see two black bears that appear on stage, and next to them, other trainers who together begin to do the usual show to entertain those present. Bears dance on stage, ride on skates, and even wear earrings around their necks.

But when everything seemed to be going well on stage, the tamer, who was wearing a blue dress, tries to exchange the bear with her partner when the animal, without warning, attacks her by biting her arm and although two companions immediately approach to help her, the force of the bear knocks the woman to the ground, and continues to attack her.

In the images it is clearly seen how other colleagues approach to help the woman, but it seems that no one can with the force of the bear.

Finally, the video is cut abruptly and it is not observed how this fateful accident ended.

However, some local media reported that the woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but at the moment it is unknown what her health status.



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