T’way Air takes another leap forward with mid- to large-sized aircraft in the era of With Corona

Three A330-300s will be introduced sequentially from February next year
Operation, maintenance, and cabin department training and education

T’way Air entered operation training ahead of the introduction of the mid-to-large A330-300 in February 2022 / T’way Air

T’way Air will take another leap forward by sequentially introducing three medium-to-large A330-300 aircraft from February to May next year. Prior to the introduction, preparations were made for the operation of a new aircraft type.

T’way Air established a TFT for the introduction of the A330-300 and confirmed the training and education schedule for the operation, maintenance, and cabin departments. In September, the training instructors of the cabin training team received training for in-flight safety and operation at the Airbus headquarters training center in Toulouse, France for three nights and four days. It has completed training on the principles and systems of aircraft for emergency evacuation and handling of abnormal situations, and on-board familiarity. Currently, the installation of the A300-300 training facility for self-training has been completed.

Flight crew training is also provided. In September, the pilot selection team started training at the Airbus Asia Training Center in Singapore, and systematic training will be conducted sequentially for a total of five times by April 2022. Aircraft maintenance training is in full swing. From the end of September to the end of October, video maintenance training is in progress, and from mid-November to the end of December, new aircraft maintenance training will be held at Airbus headquarters.

An official from T’way Air said, “We will continue thorough preparations so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of traveling with a new aircraft and sky road together.” We will provide a way to the sky.”

Meanwhile, the A330-300 aircraft, which will be operated by T’way Air, has a range of up to 11,750 km.

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