T’way Air supports travel with infants and toddlers

Implementation of ‘I-Mom Service’ from October 20th
Baby kit provided at the boarding counter

T’way Air announced on the 20th that it has launched ‘iMom Service’ for customers with infants / T’way Air

T’way Air launched the ‘I-Mom Service’ for customers with infants and toddlers on October 20.

Through the i-mom service in cooperation with ‘Of Mom Korea’, a company specializing in baby products, a sample kit consisting of essential items for traveling with infants and toddlers is provided free of charge. You can pick it up at T’way Air boarding counters at Gimpo, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Cheongju airports from October 20, and until stock runs out. The kit consists of a baby night diaper, wet wipes, 10 sets of Sinter Act Lactobacillus Baby Line for babies, and 10 sets of Sinter Act Lactic Acid Bacteria Mom’s Iron Separation for mothers. In case of SNS authentication, prizes such as T’way Air tickets and O’Mam Bam wipes will be presented through a lottery.

A T’way Air official said, “We are implementing this service for infants and children who need special care and passengers accompanying them. We will continue to provide special and differentiated services to make travel more comfortable and enjoyable. said.

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