TV channel broadcasts explicit content during weather report

Who they waited for details about the weather in the city of Spokane, Washington (United States) last Sunday afternoon, they found with a very explicit report, although not related to weather conditions, after pornography appeared on the screen for a few seconds.

According to viewers, on the six o’clock broadcast, when the KREM 2 channel meteorologist, CBS affiliate, Michelle Boss shared her update, on a monitor behind her it was possible to appreciate what the bare back of a woman; the reaction of other collaborators of the broadcast was not immediate and the images could be seen for almost 10 seconds.

In a subsequent broadcast, held at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, the network offered apologies to the audience for the incident, although he did not share further details about the causes of these images during the evening weather report: “We work diligently to ensure that something like this does not happen again,” he reported.

The local reporter Daniel Walters He pointed out via Twitter that the case was already there in the hands of the authorities after the police department began to receive several reports from viewers around 6:30 p.m. assuring that they had seen inappropriate images, possibly pornographic, in the middle of a transmission of said channel. Walters also shares images of the moment in said publication.

The authorities are investigating the origin of the explicit content and how it ended up being transmitted, with no further details on the case or those responsible so far. A similar incident occurred on a Virginia channel in 2012, in which pornographic images appeared on the screen for three seconds, it would have cost 325 thousand dollars in a fine issued by the Federal Communications Commission from United States.



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