Turkey pays attention to 83% increase in Korean visitors

From January to August, the number of foreign visitors to Turkey exceeded 15 million.
Exemption from quarantine upon vaccination and submission of negative confirmation

The Turkish tourism market has returned to a marked recovery. According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign visitors to Turkey from January to August this year exceeded 15 million, an increase of 93% compared to the previous year. The number of Korean visitors also increased by more than 83% compared to the previous year, raising expectations for the Korean market. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduces the latest updated immigration procedures for Korean travelers.

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As of October, the Turkish government classified Korea as a safe country, and Koreans must self-quarantine when entering Turkey if they meet one of three conditions: an English vaccination certificate, a negative corona PCR test result, or proof that they have recovered from the coronavirus within the last 6 months. It is possible to enter Turkey without In more detail, if you have completed vaccination at least 14 days before your arrival in Turkey or submit a document proving that you have recovered from Corona within 6 months, you do not need to submit a negative PCR result. Those who do not fall under the above conditions, including those who have not been vaccinated, can enter Turkey without self-quarantine only if they submit a PCR negative result sheet issued up to 72 hours before entering Turkey or a rapid antigen test result sheet that has been tested 48 hours before entering Turkey. In addition, all travelers entering Turkey must fill out an immigration form called HES online in advance within 72 hours of entering Turkey. In addition, Turkey is classified as a safe country in Korea (as of October 2021), and self-quarantine is exempted for those who have completed vaccinations when returning to Korea from Turkey.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism cited the introduction of a vaccination registration system, which designates workers in the Turkish tourism industry as priority recipients for vaccination, as well as a high vaccination rate as a basis for the Turkish tourism industry to return to recovery. Turkey’s ‘Safe Tourism Certification’ program, introduced in June 2020, provides comprehensive coverage on the health and health of airlines, airports and other tourism-related facilities such as transportation, lodging, food and beverage, as well as the health of tourists and industry workers. includes action. In addition, in March of this year, as part of this, the tourism industry opened a platform where employees in the tourism industry could be given priority to receive vaccines, while also reporting and registering employees who have been vaccinated directly from the tourism facility.

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