Saturday, November 27

Stanglerhof in South Tyrol: “We want to redefine the farm” – trip

Jazz music, experimental cuisine and workshops: two career changers moved to a farm in South Tyrol – and created a meeting place. Your goal: to combine culture and agriculture.

By Helmut Luther, St. Konstantin

It rained overnight. Now spruce trunks and weathered wooden fences are steaming in the morning sun. “It doesn’t matter that the meadow is wet,” says Heiner Mayer Kaibitsch and trudges through the knee-high grass towards the apple tree that grows here on the meadow below the Stanglerhof. Down the slope, the St. Konstantin church with its baroque onion dome peaks out between a forest aisle. The Sciliar massif rises in the background, gray and foggy. Back at the farm, the farmer pushes some apples and red-yellow nasturtium flowers into the visitor’s hands, which he has plucked from a bed along the way. “We use the cress for salads and spreads, you can eat it raw!” That he now has wet feet: Somehow that fits Mayer Kaibitsch and the Stanglerhof.

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