Seoul’s unique meeting space ‘Seoul Unique Venue’

Selected 18 ‘Seoul Unique Venue’, expanded to 71 in total
Reflecting the trend of wanting a differentiated experience at MICE venues

18 places including ‘Rakgojae’ were selected as ‘Seoul Unique Venue’. Rakgojae / Seoul Tourism Organization

The Seoul Tourism Organization announced on the 18th that it had newly discovered 18 ‘Seoul Unique Venues’ that can only be visited in Seoul, paying attention to MICE participants’ desire for a differentiated experience at the venue after Corona 19.

A unique venue is not a convention center or hotel, but a unique concept of the host city or an event venue where you can feel the unique charm that can only be felt there. The Seoul Tourism Foundation is a space that connects MICE organizers and participants to experience and communicate the beautiful scenery, culture, history, and daily life of people in Seoul. ‘Seoul Unique Venue’ has been newly defined as a place. In addition to the essential conditions of being able to rent at all times, providing food and bringing in food, the selection criteria added that it is a place that can show Seoul’s unique style, storytelling, and sustainability, and that it can be linked with major hotels, convention facilities and tourist destinations in Seoul. .

According to these definitions and standards, 18 new venues have been added to the list of unique venues in Seoul. ▲ ‘Seoul Book Bogo’, a public secondhand bookstore that has been remodeled from an empty love storage, ▲ ‘Rakgojae’, a space that maintains the tradition of hanok by remodeling a 30-year-old hanok by Jeong Yeong-jin, a human cultural asset, ▲ with a history of 90 years The (old) Salvation Army Central Hall is a newly renewed space, including the ‘Jeongdong 1928 Art Center’, a complex cultural space where various cultural and artistic events such as performances, exhibitions, and lectures can be held. ​Seoul already had 53 places including hanok houses, museums and art galleries, and complex cultural spaces as members of the Seoul MICE Alliance Unique Venue.

Kim Ji-hyeon, head of the Seoul Tourism Organization’s MICE planning team, said, “The unique venue of the venue is becoming an indispensable element in hosting international events after Corona. We will continue to discover various types of unique venues desired by MICE organizers and participants. We will strengthen our competitiveness in MICE.”

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