Opportunity to travel to Busan with 50% discount

‘Autumn to go to Busan with peace of mind’ promotion
‘Excellent travel package products’ from 10 travel agencies

The Busan Government Office will launch the ‘Autumn to go to Busan with peace of mind’ on social commerce Tmon for 12 days until October 31st. / Busan Tourism Organization

There is an opportunity to enjoy a trip to Busan in autumn at a discount of up to 50%.

Busan Government Office held the ‘Autumn to go to Busan with peace of mind’ promotion on social commerce Tmon for 12 days from October 20 to 31, and offered 50 travel products that combine transportation and accommodation centering on ’10 safe tourist spots in Busan’. They said they were selling it at a % discount. Purchased products can be used up to December.

To support the local tourism industry in the spring season, the Korea Tourism Organization conducted a ‘Heal Me in Busan’ promotion and completed early sales. Again, this promotion was prepared to relieve tourists from worrying about safety and to allow them to visit Busan with peace of mind along with the local tourism industry.

The ‘Busan Safe Tourism Planning Product’ sold this time is an excellent travel package product from 10 companies selected through a contest to develop a safe tourism travel product held by the Busan Tourism Organization last September. ▲VIP tour to see Eulsukdo Island, Hocheon Village, Seongjigok Suwonji, and Dongnaeupseong Fortress in a carnival limousine driven by a driver ▲Train package that can reach Busan Station by KTX and SRT for convenient visits by tourists in the metropolitan area ▲From Dongnae There are various types of mission tours, such as a mission tour where you can receive a gift when you complete a mission using a LAN guide, a product that travels around Busan attractions using an exotic tourist taxi, an 18-hole golf tour in relatively warm weather, and a surf experience at the Gwangalli SUP Zone. ▲ There are also barrier-free tourism products for water wheelchair experience that you can safely enjoy while in a wheelchair.

An official from the Busan Tourism Organization said, “We have prepared a promotion to support the local tourism industry, which is suffering from the prolonged Corona 19, and to create a safe travel culture. We will do our best to revitalize the tourism industry by pioneering sales channels and to allow many tourists to visit Busan.”

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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