November Golf trip to Chiang Mai begins… Is there a seasonal effect?

Jeju Air charter flight once a week, stay in Atitaya
Starting in June, 500 people are expected to depart in November
Demand expected to increase after entry into force without quarantine

In November, Thailand’s Chiang Mai Golf Charter will operate. After Bangkok, the golf quarantine destination has expanded to Chiang Mai / Itinerary Travel

In November, Thailand’s Chiang Mai golf trip lifts anchor. Following the Bangkok golf quarantine, the destination has been expanded to Chiang Mai, and interest is gathering in that it is the first chartered flight for golf purposes since Corona.

Jeju Air will operate a charter flight to Chiang Mai Golf every Friday from November 5th. This is a golf quarantine product at Atitaya Golf Resort in Chiang Mai, and will be sold at Atitaya CC Korea exclusive distributor Journey Travel. Prices start at 1385,000 won for 9 days 7 nights and 1.87 million won for 16 days 14 nights. An official from Journey Travel said, “Chiang Mai charter flight, which was frustrated by the problem of operating permission earlier this year, is finally flying. ” he said.

The Bangkok golf quarantine, which started in February, is still ongoing. According to an official from Journey Travel, about 10 to 20 people depart each week. Although it is not a large number of people, it is a glimpse into the desire for overseas golf travel amid the COVID-19 situation. Atitaya CC is a golf quarantine resort designated by the Thai government, and medical staff directly visit the resort to conduct PCR tests. Based on 7 nights, PCR tests are conducted twice, once upon arrival in Thailand and once before returning home, and the cost is about 100,000 won. Based on thorough quarantine guidelines, such as completing vaccinations for all resort staff, as of October 19th, the number of confirmed cases was 0.

Expectations and concerns also crossed with the peak season for golf travel in Southeast Asia. An official from a golf travel agency expressed concern, “Charter planes will be operated from November, but it will take some time for travel demand to rise, so I think we may miss the peak winter season.” Meanwhile, the Thai government’s push to enter the country without quarantine is expected to have a positive effect. Earlier, the Thai government announced that it would waive quarantine upon entry for some countries starting in November. An official from the Tourism Authority of Thailand said on the 19th, “The Korean Embassy in Thailand has confirmed that Korea is a target country, and it is planned to be implemented on November 1, but it is not yet confirmed.” There is also a cautious expectation that demand will gradually increase if quarantine, which is considered a difficult travel problem, is exempted.

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