Motorhome was yesterday – travel

People like to be warm on vacation and like to be in familiar surroundings. In order to be able to combine both, more and more people are buying a mobile home. Then you can be in Croatia, at the same time you don’t have to miss your treasured household items. And if it occurs to them that Greece would be even nicer, then they just keep going there.

Few of them come as far as Saudi Arabia with their mobile homes, for various reasons. Nevertheless, a tourist idea was conceived in the desert state, which could lead the motorhome vacation into a new dimension. The Saudi project is – how else could it be – thought big. And at the same time much too small. Big because platforms are to be anchored in the Persian Gulf on which hotels, restaurants and leisure attractions will be built. Of course, heliports should not be missing.

The project “The Rig” is thought too small – the word means both headframe and rigging – because in the end it is nothing more than a more exclusive hotel complex. Because it would not need one large platform, but many small ones. As everyone has their motorhome these days, everyone could own such a raft from now on. Hut on top, hunter fence around it, quickly roll out the artificial turf and weigh it down with garden gnomes. And then anchor off Mallorca today and off Sardinia the day after tomorrow. But still drink your coffee from your favorite motif cup every morning.

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