Mode Tour launches charter planes and shoots sales support for dealerships

From January to February next year, charter flights to Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.
Resuming B2B business… Production of banners and posters and payment of VI
Reorganization of European, Canadian, and American mainland products using regular flights

Modetour is speeding up preparations to resume overseas travel. It reorganized the organization and put more weight on securing seats for charter flights and regular flights in the winter season. It has also been confirmed that B2B agencies are preparing to support the reopening of business.

Mode Tour will be held in Madrid (IN) from January 8th to 29th next year.‧Barcelona (OUT) charter flights confirmed In addition, additional flights are being discussed for Phu Quoc, Kota Kinabalu, and Chiang Mai routes departing from January to February. Charter flights to Guam, Saipan, and Singapore, departing for the Lunar New Year holiday next year, are also scheduled to operate, and they plan to prepare quickly in consideration of the local entry policies of other Asian countries. It also announced plans to reorganize and expand its product lineup in Europe, Canada, and the US mainland, where demand has increased recently by using regular flights.

We are also preparing to reopen our dealerships. First, in the stage of collecting the opinions of the agency sites through a survey, various support measures are being prepared depending on whether the business is open, such as the production of banners, leaflets, and posters for travelable areas for business resumption. It also plans to temporarily support volume incentives (VI). A Modetour official said, “We are clearly feeling that travel sentiment is recovering, with the recent increase in the number of travel-related inquiries and page visitors. Together, we plan to expand our contact points with customers both online and offline.”

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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