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International flight fuel surcharge rises in November… catch my ankle

36,000 won → 8,400 won per one-way route on long-distance routes
Increased consumer burden, obstacles to resumption of airline routes

Due to the sharp rise in international oil prices, the fuel surcharge imposed on international flight tickets will also rise significantly. It is expected to have a negative effect on the reopening of the travel market.

According to major airlines such as Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, the fuel surcharge imposed on international air tickets issued in November will be applied at level 6, which is 3 steps higher than in October. International fuel surcharges are levied in stages starting from when the average value of Singapore jet fuel is 150 cents per gallon or more. The average value of Singapore jet fuel during the period (September 16th – October 15th), which is the basis for the imposition of fuel surcharges for international flights in November, is 207.35 cents per gallon, which is equivalent to level 6 (200-209 cents).

As a result, fuel surcharges for each flight distance (large circle distance) surged to more than double the level in October. In the case of Korean Air, for destinations with a distance of more than 10,000 miles, it will increase by about 123% from 36,000 won in October to 8,400 won in November. The same goes for other airlines such as Asiana Airlines.

A surge in international oil prices is expected to have a negative impact on the resumption of international exchanges. This is because not only the burden on consumers increases due to the increase in fuel surcharges, but also because airlines may not be able to actively resume international routes due to the burden of oil prices.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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