Healing trip to heal Corona Blue… Come to Icheon Dullegil

Refreshing wind! clear sky! warm sunshine! Autumn is a good time for a walk.
In the aftermath of the long corona, the number of people complaining of frustration is increasing to the extent that the word ‘corona blue’ has become popular. If it’s not Corona, it’s like depression. It is necessary to keep distance, but it is too wasteful to stay at home in this golden season. If you have to avoid places where people gather, how about a walking tour to a quiet place? There are places where you don’t have to go far. It is the ‘Icheon Dulle-gil, a good place to walk’ with its charming charm. Let’s go on a healing trip that will blow away the stress of everyday life by riding the autumn wind in these days of suffocation due to Corona.

# Icheon representative walking trail ‘Jeonggaesan-Wonjeoksan-Sansuyu Dulle-gil’
Jeonggaesan Mountain, Wonjeoksan Mountain, and Baeksa Sansuyu Village are connected, making it a good walking trail representing Icheon. In a beautiful forest, you can walk while admiring well-maintained forest roads and hiking trails, a colony of sansuyu trees, a pretty village road, and a quiet temple. Wildflowers blooming everywhere, autumn leaves, and red-ripening cornus trees are reminiscent of a watercolor painting. The Sansuyu Dulle-gil (located in Dorip-ri, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si), which was renovated this spring, is well-received as a beautiful and walkable road. The steep slope section of the Dulle-gil, which was operated along the existing forest road, was maintained and connected to a gentle road with the most beautiful scenery. Local attractions such as Sansuyu Village, Naksuje Festival, Wonjeoksan Mountain, Yeonwonsa Temple, and Pine Tree Forest Trail are attractive.

# Maguksan Dullegil with a beautiful valley
Even people who have lived in Icheon for a long time will be surprised when they visit. The plausible valley, which could only be seen from afar to other areas, makes you doubt your eyes. There are few places like this for walking, as palm mats and wooden decks for walking are installed on the trail along the forest path. The cool flowing river water adds to the freshness. Even if you walk for just 5 minutes, you can feel the healing feeling on its own. From Seogyeong Reservoir in Moga-myeon, follow the village road to the direction of Mt. Maguk. A valley and a forest road spread out next to the art museum in the forest and the pension, which is preparing to open next year. If you go up a bit, you will find the ‘Moga Forest’ lawn plaza for visitors, and you can come back by walking along the wooden deck. There is a course that leads to the summit of Mt. Maguk, but if you do not like climbing, we recommend taking a short walk along the valley, eating at Seogyeong Reservoir Village, and enjoying the scenery. Maguksan, which is 445m above sea level, is a suitable height for climbing. Dullegil, which has 4 courses, is suitable for walking and leisure by choosing a course that suits your taste. It is also good to follow the hiking trail from Icheon Agricultural Theme Park or Icheon Democratization Movement Memorial Park. There are abundant tourist resources such as Termeden Hot Springs, Simon Terrace, Golf Course, Seogyeong Deuljangryu Village, etc.

# Luxury river road with beautiful reeds and cosmos
Bokhacheon, Cheongmicheon, and Sinduncheon, which are representative rivers of Icheon, are well-maintained for walking and cycling, as well as embankments and promenades and bicycle paths on the high water site of the river. In particular, the river path created in Bokhacheon and Sinduncheon includes Yes Park, a ceramic art village, and connects to the Namhangang River in Yeoju through Baeksa-myeon to the east, and connects Hobeop/Majang-myeon, Moga-myeon Agricultural Theme Park and Democratization Movement Memorial Park to the west. do. There is a bicycle rental office, so anyone can enjoy the Icheon tour with a bicycle all day along the river road if they like while walking or riding a bicycle while enjoying the river scenery. Rental offices are located in Sinduncheon (the area of ​​the shelter site at 427 Songjeong-dong) and Bokhacheon (the area around the Bokha 1st Waterfront Park, 140 Jinri-dong). Bicycles for 1-2 people, family type multi-seater bicycles, tin trailers, electric scooters, etc. can be rented. Bokhacheon, Cheongmicheon, and Sinduncheon have a spectacular reed forest in autumn, and the Janghowon section of Cheongmicheon and Hobeop section of Bokhacheon have cosmos paths made by residents everywhere.

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]


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